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   Yarbrough  &  Company  is  your  professionally  licensed  real  estate  appraisal  source  for  commercial property appraisals in Middle 

   Georgia.  Whether  you're  purchasing,  selling  or  refinancing  commercial properties such as shopping  centers,  office  buildings,  retail

   stores, industrial  buildings,  raw  land,  an apartment community, or assessing governmental commercial property for sale or acquisition,

   you can be assured that our more than 55 years combined experience will enable  us  to  provide  you  with  the  best quality appraisal  in

   a time frame that is compatible  with  your  needs.  We're  proud  to  have  ongoing relationships with numerous clients who have used our

   commercial appraisal service for many years.  We are approved with numerous national, state and local commercial banks, mortgage

   companies, insurance  companies and government agencies. We look forward to helping you  with  your  commercial real estate appraisal


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