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  Real Estate Appraisals For Estates & Wills
   Yarbrough  &  Company  is  your   professionally  licensed  real  estate   appraisal  source  for  real  property appraisals for estates and wills in

   Middle  Georgia.  Many estates will require an appraisal of all real property to determine the fair market value in order to settle the estate.  An

   accurate evaluation of the real property is of utmost importance since real property considerations usually make up  a  large  portion  of  estate

   settlements. Whether  you're  an attorney or CPA representing the heirs of an estate or  the  actual  heir(s) of  the estate, you can be assured

   that our more than 55 years combined experience will enable us to provide you with the best quality appraisal in a time frame that is compatible

   with  your  needs.  We're  proud  to  have  ongoing relationships with numerous clients  who  have  used  our  estate  appraisal  service  (real

   property only)  for  many  years.  We  have  worked  with  numerous  attorneys  and  CPA's  and  are  approved  with a wide range of national,

   state  and  local  commercial  banks, mortgage  companies,  insurance  companies and government agencies.  We look forward to helping you

   with  the  evaluation  of  the  residential and/or commercial real  property for your estate.


Real Property Appraisals For Estates & Wills

   Commonly Used By:   
Attorneys For Estates     Heirs     Personal Representatives    Executrix/Executors

Typical Purposes:
     Estate Planning            Estate Settlements            Tax Basis Evaluations

Learn more about the duties of personal representatives of decedent's estates in Georgia

"A Handbook To Guide Personal Representatives"


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Real Estate Appraisals For Wills & Estates

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